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 The Road Warrior

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The Road Warrior

A battle is fought, a war is won and a city celebrates. The victorious warriors who managed to survive the terrible conflict are marched down main street in a grand parade. The confetti rains down on these brave souls and they do their best to pretend like they think they don't want the attention. These heroes look out into the streets and see thousands of smiling faces looking back at them. Thousands of citizens who would otherwise be dead if not for their heroic deeds. Around them the sound of trumpets blaring and people screaming is so loud it can be heard from the other side of the city. These fearless warriors will be given free rounds of beer for the rest of their lives and they'll tell stories about the war to their children and grandchildren and one day they'll be given a hero's funeral. A twenty one gun salute. They'll die knowing their whole life is a lie. Knowing that not only are the real heroes the ones that didn't make it home... but the small handful of men and women who made sure more didn't die. And they weren't one of them.

On that day, when the parade marches past, one of these fake heroes looks out into the crowd and sees a familiar face looking at him. It is the face of a man who is the true hero of the day the war ended. When men were dying on the field and many others were hiding in the trenches next to the corpses of their friends, when the enemies were charging their position from across the field and all seemed to be at an end. That is when one man, a man who had been waiting for an opportunity - took it. Covered in mud and blood, he stood up, a sword strapped to his back and a shotgun in one hand and in the other... a detonator. Having had spent the entire night on his belly, crawling through bombed out trenches filled with the rotting corpses of his allies, cutting through barb wired fences and quietly killing enemies who happened across him with his knife and bare hands. Strangling the life out of the monsters that took the lives of his comrades. This soldier managed to hide and wire hundreds of cases of C4 along the trench that the enemies were now swarming towards. When the Captains and Generals were preparing to give the order to retreat. This man took it upon himself to continue the war. The trenches ignited in a wave of fire and smoke that tore a new hole in the Earth. He not only changed the tone of the battle, but altered the face of the Earth. Countless enemy lives were ended and when the smoke cleared, the man stood along his cowering comrades and yelled at them to stand and save their city or die trying. There were only a few that didn't have the heart to stand and fight. When the dust settled, the war had ended and those left standing returned home. The recommendations for service medals were being handed out and at the ceremony there were a lot of medals left unpinned. All for a man who didn't come forward to accept them. That man is now standing in the crowd at a parade, watching the cowards who waited in the trenches for the battle to end being driven down main street, acting like they actually matter.

The Road Warriors are a unique group of fighters among the flock of common punks and thugs that roam these streets. Most Road Warriors have grown up on the streets of NeoCity or roaming the desert lands of Emnest. Even the young ones hold a great deal of experience in battle, so much that it's something that never leaves them. The Road Warriors have developed a fighting style all their own and while they tend to want to get things done at close range, they still see the honor in combat - whether they are chopping your head off with a sword... or blasting it into pieces with a shotgun. The Road Warriors aren't in this to save the world, they're not here to hold your hand and tell you that you're going to make it home in one piece; they're here because they don't know what else to do with their lives. While many wish they could be as noble as these once brave and honorable men - this isn't the same city and not every story has a white knight.

Class Information

The Road Warriors like to deal with their enemies up close and personal. The weapons they are proficient with are short to medium range and easy to reload. The armors they prefer to wear are Light and allow maximum range of movement. They believe they are the more important tool on the battlefield. They don't want to rely on another soldiers or a unique weapon that could jam or a piece of armor that could be faulty and end up getting them killed. For that reason, their skills are more based around themselves. They don't expect someone to heal them, so they acquire skills to aid themselves in the healing process.

Attribute Restriction:
Power: 20
Control: 20

At Character Creation, a player selecting this class must put at least 20 in both Power and Control Attributes.

Class Bonuses & Penalties

+ The Road Warrior will receive a +1 to Rolls involving Heavy Handguns.
+ The Road Warrior will receive a +1 to Rolls involving Katanas.
+ The Road Warrior will receive a +1 to Rolls involving Control Rolls (Non-Combat).
Example: Dodges, GM Threats, Jumping from a collapsing building into a helicopter.
+ The Road Warrior will receive a +5 to Knowhow to Explosives Knowledge.

- The Road Warrior will receive a -1 to Rolls involving Arcane.
Example: spells, being helpful at Trivial Pursuit: Magical Edition.
Weapon Focus:

Primary Range:
- Heavy Handguns: +1 to using Heavy Handguns

Primary Melee:
- Katanas: +1 to Using Katanas.

Secondary Range:
- Shotguns: Bonus skill at higher level.

- Explosives:

Armor Focus:

Armor Restriction: Light/Medium
The Road Warrior cannot wear Heavy Armors and will receive a Penalty.

Legendary Allowed:
The Road Warrior will receive a Penalty for wearing non-allowed Legendary Armors.

Torso: Leather Jackets/Vests

Head: Gasmasks/Respirators


Starting Point:

The Starting Point, also known as The Level 1 Skill. Pick a Path that best suits you. This does not affect what other skills you may choose down the road.

However, a combination of your choices at Levels 1,4 and 8 will determine your Level 12 Skill.

Level Four Skills:

Guilt : Combat Ready - Always prepared for a fight

The average Road Warrior carries with them a fair amount of guilt. It can be related to many things: having lived when many comrades died, having been the cause of their deaths or maybe he is just Catholic. The Path of Guilt does not always have a happy ending and could cause you do bring great harm to yourself for some misled sense of duty that you owe yourself or another.

Guilt: Vengeance - The Road Warrior will always get a bonus Levelx10 to DMG for first round of attacks. So if you see a Road Warrior about to attack you, best to be on the defensive for the first round of attacks.

Honor : Tank - Take damage to protect party

They don't do it because they are being judged, they do it because they feel they have to and that nobody else will. It is what causes them to step in front of a bullet to protect someone they may not even know. The Path of Honor is one of sacrifice. You will bleed and suffer and nobody will seem to care. You only hope that you donít waste your effort on someone who doesnít deserve it.

Honor: Toughness - The Road Warrior gets a bonus 50 HP. And an additional 10 HP per level.

Chaos : Instigator - No regard for safety, cares only for carnage

There is a method to your madness. The average maniac has no goals, no dream, no greater purpose other than to please themselves. But for the Road Warriors that choose The Path of Chaos, they have good reason to do the things that they do, things that many may question: the greater good.

Chaos: Bloodlust - After they kill an enemy, their next attack will have a bonus Levelx10 DMG.


"Some men see things as they are and ask "Why?". †
I dream things that never were and ask, "Why no
- George Bernard Shaw
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The Road Warrior
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