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 This Unsung War - 200 Years Before Start of Game

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PostSubject: Re: This Unsung War - 200 Years Before Start of Game   This Unsung War - 200 Years Before Start of Game I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 22, 2013 1:33 am

Chapter Two

A few minutes later, Nolan and Edgar were leaning against a wall on either side of a doorway. Having just sunk through the ceiling thanks to a spell casted by Edgar. Nolan was checking over his guns, an old revolver that rested in the holster around his waist and around his shoulder was an MP-5.  Edgar on the other hand was not armed, the only weapons he would need were his hands and one of them was currently resting flat against the door.  

  Behind the door to this apartment there were eight men.  Each one a gang member, dressed in the colors of their nameless and unknown gang, leather jackets and torn up jeans.  At least six of them were armed with cheap knock-off machine guns and only two of them have had some form of schooling in the Arcane Arts.  While three of them were sitting around watching television, the others were discussing their next plan of action, they had successfully stolen government supplies from a warehouse and were now figuring out which Syndicate they should sell the goods to.  None of them looked like they were expecting company.

"So, what's going on in there?" Nolan asks in a hushed voice.

  “There are eight men inside, gang members, they are all dressed with the same colors and style. I'm assuming they're a gang, but not one i've heard of. Six have cheap knock-off machine guns and two have had some form of schooling in the Arcane Arts.  Three are sitting around watching television and the rest of discussing which Syndicate they should sell the goods to.  They don’t look like they’re expecting company.”

  Nolan stopped fiddling with his guns and turned to look at Edgar.

  “What?  How can you know all that?” Nolan asks in confusion.

  “The narrator just told me.”

  “The who?” Nolan looks around and up the ceiling for this 'Narrator'.

  Edgar sighed and wiggled his fingers.  

  “I can see inside the room genius.”

  “Oh yeah..  So should I call for backup?”

  Edgar shook his head and turned to stand in front of the door.  He adjusted his jacket and raised his hand, extended a finger and appeared as if he was about to press the doorbell.

  “What are you doing?”

  “This job isn’t paying the bills Nolan.  I moonlight as a door-to-door Bible’s salesman.  I’m going to see if I can sell them a few copies before we arrest them.”

  “You’re really just going to ring the doorbell?”

  “Yeah..  I really am.”

  “Alright.  Your funeral.”

  “I want to be cremated and thrown into the wind.”

  “That’s beautiful.”

  “Make sure that it’s upwind from a little league game or something.  That’ll up the chances that I’ll be able to possess the soul of some little bastard and get to start life all over again.  Just hope it’s not some fat kid.”  

  “Can you really do that?”

  “Only one way to find out,” Edgar smiled as he reached out and pushed the doorbell.

  Inside the apartment, everything went silent for a few seconds, followed by the sounds of guns cocking.  

  Outside the apartment, the sounds of two people talking is heard, followed by what sounds like Edgar saying, “Fine, I’ll just let myself in.”

  A loud thump and crack as Edgar raises his foot and kicks in the door with all his strength.  A sudden barrage of bullets lights up the dimly lit apartment as the doorway and the figure of Edgar standing there are torn apart by gunfire.  When the shooting stops, the figure of Edgar in the doorway, which just had to have taken at least fifty bullets suddenly reaches for his throat and chokes out the following sentence.

  “Tell my wife it’s alright to marry the next fat kid that hits on her.”

  Confusion would be the best word to describe the look on the faces of the criminals.  Not only by the dying man’s cryptic words but also how one could manage to even talk after having been shot by so many bullets.  

  One of the men slowly makes his way to the door, his machine gun held out in front of him, expecting to have to shoot someone else.  However, he isn’t expecting what happens next.  

  As this man reaches down to poke Edgar’s corpse with the barrel of his gun.  The body of the man they just shot to death twitches, gurgles and spits up some blood, just before he speaks again.

  “I..  Just..  Wanted..  Sell..  Leather bound.. Bible,” this is followed by a dramatic gasp of air and the body of Edgar Garland goes limp..  And then he explodes into a thousand pieces of multi-colored shredded paper.

  From around the corner of the doorway, the gloved hand of Nolan, grabs the collar of the man and pulls him out into the hallway.

  “You turned my best friend into confetti!” Nolan yelled as he pulls back his hand and punches the man square in the jaw, sending him falling back into the wall where he enters his own dream world.  Lucky for him, he isn’t awake to witness what happens next.

  “Charles!” One of the other men inside the apartment yell.  

  When they don’t get a response they decide that the next best course of action is to once again open fire randomly.  Which they do until their clips run out of ammo.
  Outside, Nolan is forced to dive for cover, behind the body of Charles who is being shot to death by his fellow gang members.  

"Stop shooting his body idiots! We can't rezz him if there's nothing left!" One of them yells out.

'And that's the leader..' Nolan thinks to himself.

  When the shooting stops, Nolan takes a second to see if one of those hundred or so bullets managed to hit him.  Back inside, the men start to reload their machine guns, but something stops them..  Someone else in the room opens fire. Sort of.

  “Bang! Boom! Ratatatatatatata..”

  All the remaining men spin around to see Edgar standing there over the body of one of their friends, holding an imaginary gun and shooting pretend bullets out into the opened doorway where he stood and was shot to death only moments ago.  

  Edgar’s Unsung uniform is missing and he is now wearing the same outfit of these gang members, their leather jacket and torn up jeans.  At Edgar’s feet is one of the gang members, naked and appears to have been hog-tied with his own belt and gagged with his own boxers  The men aren’t so much concerned that their friend has been captured and is now naked, but are wondering how the man they just shot to death is alive and now standing behind them.

  “Good..  I think we got him.  Good work men.  Good work Steve,” Edgar sighs in relief afterwards. “Now, we can return these stolen goods and go sign up to do some community service,” Edgar says confidently and continues to pretend like he is one of the members of this gang.  Gang members who clearly aren’t as dumb as Edgar hopes.

  “Who the hell are you!?” One of them spits, this gapped tooth bruiser is probably their leader.

  “I’m the new guy, remember?”

  “No, now you have three seconds to tell me who you are before we kill you..  Again.” The leader is obviously in no mood to play around, he finishes reloading his gun, as do the rest of his men who are still standing.

  “Well..  I will be the new guy, in time.  You see Roger.”  

  “Brian,” the Leader sighs, really waiting for an excuse or shoot Edgar again.

  “Brian of course.  You had to change your name after the Gang Riots that happen in a few years.  You got a new alias..  See Brian.”  Edgar pauses for dramatic effect.  “I am from the future.”

  “Alright boys, open fire!”

  The rest of the men raise their guns to shoot.

  “No, wait!” Edgar holds his hands out stop them and it works.  “I am telling the truth.  You sent me back in time to stop you from going down this path of evil.”

  “Alright,” Brian is cocky enough to think that he now has the upper hand against Edgar and just goes along with his game.  “Let’s say you are from the future.  You’re obviously my friend and so you would know what the gang does for me every year for my birthday.”

  “For your birthday?” Edgar looks at all the other gang members and a look of sadness and abandonment comes over his face.  “You guys never invited me out to celebrate his birthday.”

  “Well consider yourself invited now.  So now that they know to invite you in the future, you should now know what we do every year.”

  “I don’t think it works like that." Edgar says as he lowers his guard and begins to debate the gang members.

  “Of course it does," the Gang Leader says matter-of-factly.

  “No, by you sending me back in time.  I’ve erased the entire future.”

  “So the future just got erased?  That doesn’t make sense.”  

  “Well of course it wouldn’t make sense to you.  You’re the one who made me build the time machine so you wouldn’t have to deal with all this nonsense.  Took me eight years of night school at the top mathematical and engineering colleges in SANCTUM, so you’re welcome.. Jeez.  You could show me a little thanks.”

  Edgar spoke so casually and honestly with Brian that a few of the gang members actually started to believe him.  And to be honest, in a world where dragons now exist and there is magical capable of bringing the dead back to life, would it really be that strange?

  “Alright..  Well now I am planning to send another you back in time to clarify your story,”  Brian says and then looks around, half of him is just toying with Edgar while the other half is actually expecting another Edgar to appear.

  “..I don’t see anyone, Brian,” one of the gang members who started to believe Edgar speaks up.

  “That’s because he’s lying you fool.”

  “Or because by sending me back I’ve changed the future and you end up dying.  And you never make me attend night school and I never discover time-travel.”

  “...This is getting deep,” another gang member begins to ponder the meaning of life.  While another hatches his own theory.

  “Wait, back to the party invite thing.  What if this guy writes down the secret to time-travel, so at least one of us knows it incase he or Brian dies and is not able to send anyone to night school to figure out time-travel, so at least someone will eventually figure it out and we give that person the instructions of what to do, to meet us here now and to know the answer of what we do every year for Brian’s birthday.”

  “That does make sense,” Brian nods, now kind of intrigued.

  “Alright, let’s do that,” Edgar nods and begins to tap his toes and wait.

  “Nothing is happening.”

  “Maybe, just maybe.  There are alternate time-lines or alternate realities.  I mean, how would I know?  This is my first time.”

  “So..  It’s like The Terminator?”

  “Yeah.  I think it might by Terminator rules and here I was thinking it would be like Back to The Future.”

  “I’d say it’s more like Bill & Ted,” Brian said as he cocked his machine gun and leveled it off at Edgar.

  “Wait, don’t shoot..” Edgar held his hands out to protest once again.  “Which Bill & Ted?”

  “The second one.”

  “Why the second one?” Edgar asked.

  “Cause like this, it’s complete bull-shit.  Did you honestly think we would fall for this?”

  “For a moment there.  Yeah, I kind of did.”

  Edgar throws a punch just as the gang members open fire.  The punch might have been effective if Edgar was within reach of them.  It’s hard to notice in the dark room and with the flashes of gunfire, but the bullets are stopping in midair, right at the point where Edgar punched the air.  

  “Damn! I’ve had enough of this shit! Time to fight fire with fire,” Brian steps forward, his hands held out and his fingers forming some kind of gesture, much like a kung-fu stance.  He murmurs something under his breath, ancient arcane words meant to summon a great power.

  Edgar stands there with a raised brow.  He is probably about to say something witty and clever when the sound, much like that of the crack of lightning is heard and erupts through the apartment.  Everything goes quiet and the whole world seems to stand still, and then the wall behind Edgar blows out and is thrown out into the night, sent falling to the city street below, along with Edgar.  

  “Damnit Brian..  My name is on this lease.  I’ll never get my deposit back,” one the gang members sighs.

  “Shut up, get the stuff and let’s get out of here.”

All that remains of the gang turns around to walk out the doorway, but instead of an exit they find Nolan standing there with his revolver leveled at Brian’s head.

  “Did you kill my friend.. again?”

-- Chapter 3 - Coming Soon... --

"Some men see things as they are and ask "Why?".  
I dream things that never were and ask, "Why no
- George Bernard Shaw
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This Unsung War - 200 Years Before Start of Game
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