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 Random Findings - James Darkfire

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PostSubject: Random Findings - James Darkfire   Random Findings - James Darkfire I_icon_minitimeThu May 02, 2013 6:52 pm


I'm happy to report I've found a new RPG, called New Reno (see link below). While I couldn't port most of my work from IC to NR, my IC work certainly gave me edge in the experience department, in my next task: GM in charge of The New California Republic's Military (w00t! w00t!). I've been able to put stuff together for them much faster than I would have if I had not done any work on the ICCTU. I forget that any work is not wasted, it provides something that is much more usefull than any end the work may (or may not) be put to; experience.

I'm very frusterated by the slow progress on New Reno, however. It is not open yet, and I've been itching to RP, lately. I'm also worried that wneh it finally does open, we will be unable to find players. We've got the thing going (or WILL have it going) on a server that in totally unknown to anyone, except old IC players. Theres only so-many old IC players that will come back, or een know we exist. I enjoy the freedom of the server we've got, but freedom doesn't mean shit if you don't have any players.

I'm going to have to look for an RPG to hold me over until we can get NR up. Finally a GM (GMaster) is working on getting the game moved to a decent web-host. GMacdonalds was supposed to do that, but he TOTALLY bugged out on us.. hardly even shows his face on the message boards anymore. Still, who am I to judge? I was supposed to finish the NRC like.. 3 months ago? I did nothing for about 2 months on it.. just started last week. I'm almost done with it now.. I think.

I'm expecting the worst when I finish the NCR, though. Most of the GMs.. in particular GMarshall, will be quite pissy over something or everything in my work, and I will have to redo the whole stupid thing. I'm also worried that it will be hard to intigrate my work back into the rest of the game, because it is more in-depth than many other pages in the game. Hopefully somone, preferably NOT ME, will make the other web pages equally in depth. I suppose we could always just cut out a bunch of the work I did... it wouldn't be a HUGE deal.

Alright, enough rambeling on this for now.
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Random Findings - James Darkfire
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