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 The Year in Sports

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PostSubject: The Year in Sports   The Year in Sports I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 06, 2012 1:47 pm

The Year in Sports
http://sanctumnewsnetwork.wikispaces.com/SPORTShome#The Year in Sports - June 6th, 2213 AD
by Champ Kindsworth - Forum Discussion -

Baseball - SBL (SANCTUM Baseball League)
The East Beppa Giants defeated the Kentwood Cardinals in the opening game of the season. Marking the 100th Season of The SBL (SANCTUM Baseball League). The first pitch was thrown out by Turunk Felgeist, the first Evargeist to play in the SBL - over fifty years ago. Before the ceremonial first pitch was thrown, he recounted the crowd with his tale of adversity and prejudice in the early days of SANCTUM when the SBL first started to let other races join in this great past-time.

"I still remember my first game like it was yesterday. Arthural Penhurst, (one of the first Naruen to play the game) threw a fastball as hard as he could. A moment before I was going to swing, he summoned a fireball and the ball blew up and sent me flying into the crowd." Felgeist then turned to wave to former enemy and now long time friend and teammate Arthural Penjurst. "We've come a long way since those days. But we still have a long way to go.. It was a different time... A different time."

That famous game also marked the last time magic was allowed in official SBL games. Partly because it was unfair, but mainly because fifteen fans died in the stands. One of Penhurst's many records that still remain unbroken to this day.

Chamber Ball - DCBL (District Chamber Ball League)
In other sports news, The Chamber will play host to another great SANCTUM past-time. The Final Game of The Chamber Ball District Series will take place between The Slum Sluggers and The Fort Dowd Hounds. For those that aren't familiar with the game. Chamber Ball is a game where two teams, armed with metal sticks play a game somewhat similar to hockey. Only with the added elements of: random gravity shifts, propulsion mines, magical empowered goaltenders and random fan voted elements thrown in the game when a penalty occurs. Such as: magnetic traps, flash floods, mini tornadoes, hippie mode (where black lights, strobes and laser lights randomly go off) and the fan favorite Blindfold Mode; where all players are blinded by a curse and the next person to score win the game. The DCBL will end its 10th season Monday night. And the league will then find out how to replace the record 5 teams lost during the ill-fated and since removed penalty 'Alligator Mode.

The Pit - (SANCTUM'S Dueling League)
After ten years of rebuilding, redesign and fighting regulations of human rights, the owners of the Chamber are pleased to announce the return of The Pit - Sanctum's Premier Dueling League.  The decision came at the request of law enforcement who have been forced to divert man power into finding underground fighting clubs that frequently result in multiple deaths and destruction to property.  Ten years ago, after a duel in the Pit resulted in a massive gang war that nearly set the entire Industrial District on fire - the city banned The Chamber from hosting Duels; citing that "Organized sports are a competition between athletes.. Duels are nothing more than legalized murder," an opponent said during the trial to get The Pit removed from The Chamber's list of events.  However, last month, several outspoken and powerful citizens came out in support of The Pit saying "You're not going to stop these random fight clubs that are springing up all over the city.  At least in the Chamber, they are contained.  There really is no argument.  We're wasting law enforcement man power chasing these fights down from abandoned warehouse to underground subway tunnels and the resulting damage to the city's infrastructure is beyond count."  The Pit itself, as is the rest of The Chamber - is a marvel of magic and engineering capable of giving fights a wide array of fighting conditions: from reconstructing parts of the city, to a desert island with lava pools, to the surface of a meteor with altered gravity.  If the newly designed Pit can't give these gladiators a place to conduct their business.. nothing can.

"Some men see things as they are and ask "Why?".  
I dream things that never were and ask, "Why no
- George Bernard Shaw
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The Year in Sports
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