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 Kentwood Elections

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PostSubject: Kentwood Elections   Kentwood Elections I_icon_minitimeFri May 20, 2011 2:34 am

The Headline

Former President Malcolm Orlen's Great Great Grandson announces his campaign to become the next Mayor of Kentwood. Daniel Orlen began his career as a lawyer, attempting to put a stop to corruption in law enforcement and bring an end to organized crime. Two of the major issues affecting SANCTUM today. Daniel Orlen quickly became the head of his firm and then was offered the role of Kentwood's District Attorney, a post he still holds today. Even though the election is only a few months away; DA Daniel Orlen has not even attempted to participate in the usual election process: slapping posters and bumper stickers around the District, slandering other nominees in the papers or on television. He does plan on attending the debates a week before the election, but he says

"I want to help the city and the best way to do that now is to continue doing my job."

And that he has, in the two years he has been DA: crime is down, jobs are up. And even though he had nothing to do with it, the rival Syndicate from Onawai District (The Dead Dragons) waged a war with The Saints and took them out of power. Orlen responded by hiring more cops and put up checkpoints in an attempt to keep small time street gangs and other criminal factions from trying to take over the void left by the Saints' departure. Orlen has stated that he knows this will not last forever and the worst of this 'Syndicate Conflict' has yet to be seen.

Without any effort in his campaign, it's strange to see that Orlen's name is talked about more than other nominees. Such as current Mayor of Kentwood Simon Orlandu and former Chief of Police Gavin Darke. Orlandu has stated that he he is responsible for the recent good changes to Kentwood in recent years, while he blames Orlen for starting the Syndicate Conflcit in the first place by "tightening his grip on organized crime". Darke on the other hand lost his job because of his connection to crime, brought forth by Orlen. However, he still stands by his convictions that he had no part in the major crimes he had been accused of. And while he had knowledge of the corrupted cops on his payroll, he was forced to turn a blind eye in fear that the Syndicates and Gangs would go out of control if he cracked down on them. "a little negligence for the greater good" his words. Darke was not charged with any crime, but still was forced out of his job because of all the accusations. The Mayors of the other Districts have yet to weigh in on their choice for who they want to join to their circle. The President also has yet to voice his opinion.

Citizens of Kentwood.. Those are your nominees for Mayor of The Kentwood District.

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Kentwood Elections
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