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 Zanthal's contributions

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PostSubject: Zanthal's contributions   Zanthal's contributions I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 02, 2011 2:00 am

Zanthal's contributions Railgun2

.55 RAIL (Sniper)

Price $1500 (includes mounted optics)

DMG: +15

Barrel length, 32", total length of weapon, 46"

Weapon is unconcealable. Can be disassembled into a carrying case

Included optics provide attack bonus if the shooter is educated in their use and has sufficient time to prepare his shot. Thermal and night vision

Rate of fire: Once EVERY OTHER round.

Range: 6500 ft

Unlike other firearms, the .55 RAIL does not use a cartridge. The metallic projectile is accelerated at high velocity down the barrel which also doubles as an electro-magnet. The amount of sound associated with firing it is the equivalent of a loud clap of hands and a strong gust of wind.

The entire unit weighs 17 pounds, with a five round magazine. Standard ammunition is a coated, heavy metal projectile that is armor piercing. Specialized projectiles are rare but can be found, such as incendiary, and radiated.

Most of the weight of the rifle comes from the battery pack mounted inside the stock, which slowly charges in order to carry the projectile at extreme high velocities, giving the rifle it's unusual destructive power and it's unparalleled accuracy over long range.

Zanthal's contributions Katana1

Evargeist Military Blade

The Evargeist smiths run forges deep in the layered tribal lands of the Rockies, and have been long hard at work perfecting the recipe for their standard military issue melee weapon, which is remarkably similar to the original sword of feudal Japan, the Katana, with only a couple of particular differences.

The first difference being, the Evargeist are a head taller than most humans, and so their sword reflects that. The blade itself, from the point to the top of the hilt, is approximately 48 inches, with minor adjustments made to suit the particular warrior who will use it. The hilt is proportioned to be used by large hands, and would be uncomfortable or impossible to be wielded by a smaller being.

The second, the metal used for the blade is an alloy that has been experimented on and developed to be slightly lighter than steel, but once folded and drop forged a specific number of times in specific temperature conditions, is practically unbreakable, unbendable, and holds it's edge through extreme violence and abuse.

The Evargeist Military Blade is traditionally worn sheathed at the hip.

Zanthal's contributions Knife1

Evargeist Field Blade

The Evargeist field blade is the Evargeist warrior's sidearm and utility knife. It is made of the same alloy and with the same forging techniques as the military blade, but is shaped to be used for extreme close quarters combat parallel to the forearm.

It is traditionally worn sheathed on the opposite hip of the military blade.
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Zanthal's contributions
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