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PostSubject: Forum Bonuses   Forum Bonuses I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 24, 2011 7:39 pm

I believe that having an active forum is nearly as important as having an active game. Even if players aren't coming into the channel: whether because they don't have the time or they just don't feel like it. It takes a lot less effort to go onto a forum and see what is going on in the game. I've played at quite a few RPG's and the ones that lasted are the ones that had an active forum community. And for that reason I will be doing a lot with the forum community here at SANCTUM.

Here are 3 different ways we will be giving bonuses to players for their participation on the SANCTUM forums.

1. - Number of Posts: You may notice that under your avatar, it says the number of posts you have. New areas of the forum will be unlocked for you based on the number of posts you have.

Forum Rank Zero: Street Rat - You can do everything any other new person can... nothing.
- You get the basic package.

Forum Rank One: Gang Member - Once you've made 50 posts, you can do the following.
- Read 'This Unsung War'. A SNN Channel for the Underground Resistance.
- Join in the SNN Discussion of News Topics.
- Join in The Pit, where OOC arguments go to be settled. Players and GM's.. nobody is safe.

Forum Rank Two: Wanted Fugitive - Once you've made 100 posts, you can do the following.
- Post in 'My City Screams' - The Heroes/Villains direct messages to the people of SANCTUM.
- Post in 'Between The Lines' - Create your own storyline for players to follow.

Forum Rank Three: Mob Boss - Once you've made 150 posts, the following will happen.
- The F.A.Q. Thread can only be answered by Rank Three Members.

Forum Rank Four: Criminal Mastermind - Once you've made 200 posts, the following will happen.
- Access to 'The Path of Legends'. An OOC Forum and direct line to the GM's for the experienced players of SANCTUM. To offer and contribute to future ideas and events.
- Bonus STuff

2. - Reputation: Also under your avatar it says Reputation. What this is, after you make a post, other players have a chance to give you a positive or negative point towards your rep based on your post, or whether or not they just hate or like you.

The first player who reaches 100+ will receive a reward. So get some posts in and get a positive feedback. Or if you hate somebody, go find every one of their posts and give it a negative feedback.

3. - Census Status: - When you start a topic, you get points. When you reply to a post, you get points. These points vary based on what thread they're in and whether or not they're a topic or a reply. Some are worth 10 points, others are worth only 1. The value is only known to Garland.

Another reward will be given to the first player to reach 500 Status Points.

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Forum Bonuses
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